About Us


Malaika Padma was dreamed and realized by Malaika Kremerman, a dedicated Yoga practitioner since 1999. (Malaika, the founder’s given name, means beautiful/princess and Padma means Lotus flower both in Sanskrit).

Malaika Padma designs, manufactures, retails and wholesales the Puna ChicTM  Yoga shorts made especially for Yoga practice.
It is the product of the desire to create, passion for colors and the energy each color carries and the individual interpretation of Yoga that is arising from Malaika’s Yoga practice – the connection to Yoga is made through thee comfortableness, the attention to details, the cleanliness and clarity of the design and the integrity in which the shorts are made with. The matter, that is the clothe, receives its content and its spirit through the attention, thought and love that is put into it.

All products are designed and created with love, devotion and care for details. The fabrics are of a high quality and softness, and the care instruction is thoroughly checked. The shift to organic cotton was Malaika’s long lasting dream and the next natural step. All the colors are chosen with attention to enable you to fit your clothing to your mood and practice.

Malaika Padma value your inner divine light, your heart and your time – and want you to be completely happy with your purchase, so we do everything we can to ensure the clothing are made with no unfair labour and are spiritually clean.

Malaika Padma aims to walk on the path to grow and better itself. We welcome your ideas, desires and suggestions as we welcome a teacher.